BIO Voligop® Copper

BIOVoligop® Réz

BIO Voligop® Copper

Application field: Bio Foliar Fertilizer

Active Substance: Macro-, mezo-, and micro-elements according to the EC Regulation No 2003/2003.

Sodium and chlorine free premium EC fertiliser

Copper acts by catalyzing the enzyme formation and enzyme activation. It plays a role in respiration, photosynthesis, protein formation, water balance, growth, in assimilation, in lignin formation and cell wall solidification, resistance to diseases and tolerance to draught.

The deficiency of copper may disturb the development of the plant, the growth of the leaves stops, the edge of the leaves rolls up, the leaves fall, the shoots become bare, pollen formation reduces, furthermore the fertilisation, flowering and crop formation fail to take place. Apexes dry off and “witches’ broom” symptoms appear. The deficiency first appears always on very young and very active plant organs, the leaves turn grey-greenish and later on white. Loose leaves, withering, rolling up, in the case of cereals white dots, in the case of woody plants the chronic proliferation of bifurcation are the symptoms of copper deficiency. The product also contains sulphur.

Species most sensitive to copper deficiency include: apple, pear, peach and apricot, plum and cherry, cereals, maize, sunflower, sugar beet, alfalfa, fibre crops. Copper deficiency may develop in sandy, alkaline, cold, droughty or too wet soils. Copper improves the resistance of the dermal tissues to environmental impacts and/or to pests and pathogens; recommended for the treatment of grass, 48 hours after cutting the grass.