BIO Voligop® Cobalt

BIOVoligop® Kobalt

BIO Voligop® Cobalt

Application field: Bio Foliar Fertilizer

Active Substance: Macro-, mezo-, and micro-elements according to the EC Regulation No 2003/2003.

Sodium and chlorine free premium EC fertiliser

Cobalt is essential for Papillonaceae living in symbiosis with root colonising bacteria.

It plays a determining role in the extension of coleoptiles and in the initial growth of the stem and later on in the development of buds and true leaves. Upon germination the germ shoot apex is surrounded by so-called coleoptiles or bud capsule. Coleoptiles longitudinally do not grow by cell division, but by the elongation of its cells above the soil surface. Cobalt especially improves the development of cucurbits. Cobalt is essential for the synthesis of vitamin B12, which plays a role in the redox processes. This vitamin plays a crucial role in the division of plant cells. Cobalt plays an important role in the production of propionic acid, and this is the major energy resource of ruminants. Its deficiency reduces rough fodder value.

Symptoms of cobalt deficiency include: weak roots and weakly developed bacteria bulbs; leaves, which are relatively uniformly and slightly developed and turn yellow, retained development, yield reduction.

Cobalt delays the ageing of leaves, prohibits the bio-synthesis of ethylene and by this the fall of leaves and ripening of fruits; it improves the tolerance of seedlings to dry conditions and regulates the alkaloid accumulation of certain herbs.

Its translocation within the plant is relatively weak. In the case of plants cultivated in manganese rich soils, it is likely that the foliar application of cobalt is required. In order to avoid overdosage we are recommending rational and proper use of the product.

The product is partially suitable for the supplementation of micro-elements such as boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, copper and iron. The product also contains sulphur.